A Midsummer’s Eve Magic

Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Moon, Venus and Jupiter (Photo credit: harshanm)

This is what living close to the land means to me:  Close your eyes and imagine sitting, perfectly relaxed, under the pecan tree looking out over the pasture.  The sun is gone leaving only streaks of pink and red on the horizon.  There’s a cooler breeze blowing away the heat of the day.  Your ears become attuned to the chorus of insect voices singing lustily of summer.  Their unique symphony comes in waves, rising and falling as if conducted by some hidden director.  There’s a whippoorwill calling his poignant cry.  Another answers.  The full moon rises above the top of the trees creating a halo of light and you can see your shadow fall on the ground behind you.  You breathe in the scents of summer’s vibrant growing things and peace.  At this moment, all is well.  You feel privileged to have this front row seat for Mother Nature’s evening magic show.  You turn to your companion in the moonlight and smile in silence, knowing a connection to place and each other that needs no words.  This is a midsummer’s eve on the farm.


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