A New Year, A New Blog

As 2017 becomes all the dreams and hopes a new year brings, I have decided to completely redesign and re-purpose my Peaceful Patches website. Last year brought so many changes (for so many of us!) and one of those was the sale of our Peaceful Patches Farm. This was a major life change, and has required quite an adjustment, however, it was wonderful to pass the dream to another family, who already loves and cherishes this special place.

So now, in the midst of what feels like chaos, I am seeking peace. I will do this with music, meditation, songs, writings and through the lense of my camera. Some of these photos I’m sharing are from the farm, some from the beach, the Everglades, and other favorite places. I  want to create a place that people can come (electronically, virtually), and find a centering thought, an inspiring quotation, a beautiful landscape or nature photo — a moment of peace.

Eventually, I will also create guided meditations with soft harmonious music to take you (and me!) to a place of quiet, of healing, of serenity. This is now my mission for Peaceful Patches website and Nature’s Song blog. Please be patient as I stumble through the creation / website renovation process. Your comments are welcome.

I hope you will join me on the journey!

New Year blessings to you and your loved ones!



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